Pro Tip for the Week: Procrastinate Productively

procrastinate productively

I bet I got you at “procrastinate”, didn’t I? All of us procrastinate – some more than others. I do think you’ll agree that procrastination seems to be most tempting when there’s a deadline looming, yes? Source Now, what if we could turn procrastination into something that will work for us in terms of writing? What if there is such a thing as procrastinating productively? (If there isn’t, let’s just declare that it exists.) Here’s how I see it: we can take advantage of the urge to procrastinate by giving in to it and yet doing something that will benefit [Read more…]

Why You Should Write Even If You Don’t Feel Like Writing


You’re probably thinking, “Sure, been there; done that. I didn’t even bother to collect the t-shirt.” There is a point in every writer’s life when he just doesn’t feel like writing. Whatever the reason may be, it does not matter when you’re that point. You just probably want to do anything but write, but let me give you a little tug – back to earth. Source If you’re a writer, you should write even if you don’t feel like it. Of course, there are exceptions, but if you want to be a better writer, then you’ll have to push yourself [Read more…]

Three Things to Help You Bounce Back When You Feel Like a Failure


I think it’s safe to say that we’ve all been there at least once. A client sends back negative feedback that is so scathing even a rhino’s hide would burn in an instant. Or maybe your boss tells you you’re not doing a good job, and you need to step up. Sometimes, even a simple statement from a friend or family member may bring you down and make you feel like you’re a failure at what you do. Circumstances and triggers will differ, but these things happen, and the result is the same: you feel that you suck. Some people [Read more…]

When Writer’s Block Hits and Brute Force Just Doesn’t Cut It

writers block

I’ve always been one of those who believe in brute force when it comes to handling writer’s block. Source Just sit down and write. Just do it. You have to chase motivation/inspiration with a club. I like those motivational quotes that tell you to just plod along and get it over with, and most of the time, it does work for me. There are times, though, when no matter how much brute force I apply, I just can’t get anything done – not even a single cohesive sentence. I think that I wouldn’t be wrong in assuming that this happens [Read more…]

What Do You Value as a Freelance Writer?

At first glance, it may not appear that your freelance writing clients and your values are related. The types of gigs you go after, the people you decide you would like to work with and what you have decided is most important to you are very closely related. Good Income As a freelance writer, if you have made a decision that you want to make a lot of money (and there is absolutely nothing wrong with deciding that making a high income is one of your goals), you will make a point of seeking out clients who have deep pockets. [Read more…]

Waiting for Confidence to Strike

More than one person I know has said that they couldn’t work as a freelance writer because they don’t feel confident enough. I tell them that feeling confident is not a requirement; if I waited until I felt completely confident and I was wearing just the right outfit and the phase of the moon was just so, I would never reach out to any prospective clients. If you take how you personally feel about your job hunt out of the equation, you can get a lot more accomplished and be on your way to finding a gig that is a [Read more…]

Are You Trying to be a Big Deal or the Real Deal?

Before I started freelance writing, I worked as a legal assistant. My first job was working at a very large firm (250 lawyers at the time) and I’ve worked for a sole practitioner, as well as a few firms with staffing numbers in between. One thing I noticed was that the lawyers who had the worst attitudes were generally the ones at or close to the bottom of the firm letterhead. (If a law firm lists its lawyers, the most senior ones are at the top.) The senior partners have already proven themselves and don’t need to go around telling [Read more…]

Freelance Writing Isn't Brain Surgery, But….

Recently in my online travels, I came across a comment on a message board that got me thinking. The commenter stated that freelance writing is “an open door that invites anyone in.” This person goes on to say that well-educated and informed writers have to prove themselves. I agree that the Internet has opened up many possibilities for freelance writers. There are opportunities available online that simply weren’t offered a few years ago. And yes, many people think that they want to “get into” writing. It’s a situation of many being called, and few having what it takes to stick [Read more…]

Are You Waiting for Your Dream Job to Come?

On the main blog on the Freelance Writing Jobs Network, Deb asked readers to describe their dream job. It has been really interesting reading the comments to see what other writers consider their ideal freelance writing gig, and it made me think about the next logical (to me anyway) question: Are you waiting for it to show up on your doorstep or are you taking steps to make the dream a reality? Waiting for your dream job to come is a bit like waiting for Prince Charming to show up on his white horse. While we may have all heard [Read more…]

Why I Don't Want to be a Rock Star Freelance Writer

I’ve seen more than a few ads looking for “rock star freelance writers,” and every time I see one, it just rubs me the wrong way. Really. To me, a rock star is someone who is all about image. They have a certain level of arrogance, and somewhere along the way, they lost track of their craft in favor of hype and excess. They might produce something that is in demand, but the public rarely finds out how many takes it took to produce the songs that we eventually buy. They live fast and die young. Or they may hang [Read more…]

Not Another End of the Year Blog Post

I know a lot of people enjoy the end of the year lists that are so popular online, in print and on television. I’m not one of them. It’s just not something that holds my interest. I’ve learned over the years that it’s probably not a good idea for me to make New Year’s resolutions. I tend to set the goal way too high, like resolving never to eat chocolate again when I have never been able to successfully give it up for Lent, without breaking the goal down into a plan to increase my chances of success. Since now [Read more…]

Bogus Signup Scam for

I hate scammers and unfortunately there are far too many of them around. David Hobart from Purecontent has contacted me to help him get the word out about this one, and I am happy to oblige. People who work for this company are not required to download this software. Please e-mail [email protected] if you are contacted by this person. We have become the latest target of one of the many Online Criminals. An advert was placed by someone pretending to be an employee of Purecontent who purported to be attempting to sign up new writers. Why you may ask yourself [Read more…]

Do You Want to Hear About What Other Freelance Writers are Making?

When freelance writers talk about rates, the conversation can get heated very quickly. It’s a topic that a lot of us obviously feel very passionate about. Am I curious about how much other freelancers make? Well….. Yes and No. On one hand it’s helpful to know what the pay range is for what we do. The flip side is that unless the person sharing the information also gives details about the type of work they do, their level of experience, educational background, etc., I don’t have a frame of reference to put it in. Are they working full-time or part-time? [Read more…]

Will Taking a Low Paying Freelance Writing Job Hurt Your Career?

I spotted a thread on a discussion forum in my online travels recently that caught my eye. The subject was whether taking a freelance writing job that pays at an entry-level rate is a good idea or if doing so will hurt your career. I have always been of the opinion that it’s better to be working than not doing so. My family enjoys eating and living indoors, so that’s a prime motivator for keeping busy. Simply because someone takes on a project that pays lower than they would normally accept doesn’t mean that they have done the one thing [Read more…]

The Freelance Writing World: Big Enough for Everyone

I consider myself to be a feminist, and have been since the ’70s. Not in the “women of the world unite; all men are evil” way, though. I like and respect men, and I think that gender shouldn’t be the reason why girls and women shouldn’t be able to define success in any way that they choose. When it comes to the world of freelance writing and writers, I don’t think there is any “one size fits all” definition of success. When I started writing, I thought it would be wonderful if I could make enough money to buy groceries [Read more…]

Overcoming Your Freelance Handicaps

My New Oxford American Dictionary defines “handicap” as follows: “a circumstance that makes progress or success difficult.” When it comes to finding work or completing our assignments, freelance or otherwise, we all have them. It could be a fear of rejection that keeps us from applying for a freelance writing gig or making a pitch to someone we really want to work with. The barriers may be due to a health condition, family responsibilities, or a lack of support from our nearest and dearest. In no way am I suggesting that we should all dump our respective baggage and find [Read more…]

Stand Up To Your Inner Bully

Bullying is not limited to the schoolyard, unfortunately. Even though I am way past the age when I would be going out for recess, I still get bullied. No, I’m not talking about people who use keyboard courage to say something snarky. The worst bully I know is…me. We all have an inner dialogue and there are times when mine is particularly nasty. It tells me things that I would never say to another living person. What does my inner bully have to do with finding freelance writing jobs? Well, it used to prevent me from applying for certain gigs [Read more…]

Let Go of Your Fear of Getting Fired

Stop being afraid you’re going to get fired. When you are freelancing, you are working for yourself. The only person who can fire you is….you. The relationship between yourself and a client is not the same one that exists between and employer and an employee. When you are dealing with a client, you are an independent businessperson and – dare I say it – your client’s equal. When you are an equal, you negotiate terms instead of asking your boss for permission to do something. A client can’t take your job away from you like a boss can. If things [Read more…]

Rejection: A Fact of Freelance Writing Life

No one likes hearing the word “No” when they are looking for work, and freelance writers are no exception. Part of doing this kind of work means that you are constantly talking to potential clients about your services, and you won’t get hired every time you answer an ad, submit a query, or send a pitch to someone you are interested in working with. Dealing with rejection is not always easy, and there are times when it can be very disappointing when you don’t get a gig that you felt you were a good fit for. I have heard other [Read more…]

BookRix: Social Networking for Writers

If you are looking for a new way to promote your work, you may want to visit This site was launched in the U.S. in December and now has an estimated 10,000 members. BookRix is a free resource where writers can upload content and have it published online in an ebook format – free of charge. If you don’t have a web site and are looking for a way to display your writing samples, consider putting them up at BookRix. The site’s ViewRix technology prevents your work from being copied, and you retain all rights to it. BookRix allows [Read more…]

When is the Right Time to Become a Freelance Writer?

I admit that I lurk around on various message boards and the discussion that I see get me thinking. I’ve been following one discussion about when it’s a good time to launch a career as a freelance writer. These options have been suggested, and both of them have valid points: Save up enough money until you have several months’ worth of expenses and go full time. Start part time while working in a “day” job and build up a good client base and ease into freelancing. The idea here is to have some kind of a “fall back” position in [Read more…]

Would You Work for a Content Provider Company?

Before I continue with this post, I want to clarify that when I am talking about content provider companies, I mean those that pay a half-decent rate, not $1.00 for 500 words. I’ve worked for content providers, and I think there are some positive aspects to working for them. Steady Work Since their business is providing content for site owners, these companies can probably supply you with work on a regular basis. You don’t need to find the work – the company looks after that aspect of it. Exposure to Several Topics When you are just starting out or you [Read more…]

The “Bread and Butter” Client

There are some clients you can usually count on to keep you supplied with a steady stream of work. I call them “bread and butter” clients. The work can vary, depending on what the client has available, and if you develop good relationships with a few of them, you can avoid a lot of the “feast or famine” times that seem to be a part of so many freelance writer’s lives. The Trade Off I have a few bread and butter clients that I’ve been working with for awhile now, and the arrangment works out pretty well. I know that [Read more…]

Are You Passionate About Your Writing Career?

To be a freelance writer, you need to have good writing skills. That’s a given. You also need to be able to follow instructions carefully so that you clients get what they want. Having good communication skills helps you to develop good working relationships. All of these are skills that you can develop and improve on over time, but there is still a piece to the puzzle that is missing….we talk a lot about being “cool” like it’s something we should be striving for, but I wonder why we don’t value being passionate about what we do.

Power Suits Not Included

by Ellen Goldstein In Lisa Sonora Beam’s book The Creative Entrepreneur (Quarry Books, 2008), she presents the following journal prompt “Who is in my business advisory circle?” For the beginner freelance writer or editor, this can be a potentially traumatizing question. However, it doesn’t have to be. You don’t need an army of smart-phone-using, business-suited colleagues to have a business advisory circle (although for a few hours it might be nice); just a few people, some of whom you may already know, to give you advice about running a business. Mine your friends and family. Just as you have certain [Read more…]

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