7 Tips for Making your Writing More Engaging


As a writer, one of your most important jobs is to grab your reader’s attention and pull them into your blog post or article. You want to get the reader excited about what they are going to find when they delve into your words. Keep in mind that you are competing against scores of other material that is also promising to give “your” reader the same type of exciting, informative and helpful information. You have to take steps to make your writing more engaging than another person’s material on a similar topic.

Ghost Writing for a Business Blogging Client: Writing Style Tips


Starting your own blog is an excellent way to showcase your own writing style, independent from work that has been commissioned by clients. It’s your own space on the Internet where you are free to write as yourself and not in the parameters ordered by someone else. There is certainly something freeing in working on your own projects for a change, and this is also a good way to promote your writing business and attract new clients who may be interested in hiring you for some business blogging.

Read Only if You Want to Write Better and Faster

write better and faster

We all want to be better writers, right? I’m also willing to bet that, more than that, you want to write faster. After all, if you write better and faster, the more client work you can take on, and the more you can charge for your work. There’s no lack of articles online – and offline – giving pieces of advice on how to write better and faster. We even published one recently – How to Become a Better Writer. Today, I came across this infographic which can serve as a quick pick-me-upper and/or guide for those who want to [Read more…]

How to Become a Better Writer

better writer

Editor’s note: This post was written by Gary Dek, the blogger behind StartABlog123.com and Gajizmo.com. He offers small businesses and entrepreneurs SEO advice ranging from keyword density research to recovering from Panda/Penguin updates to promoting their blogs and growing traffic. Are you inspired and motivated to become a great writer? Do you read writing blogs and get the urge to start one, too? Maybe you’re looking for a second income to pay off your debts faster or just had a baby and want to make money from home as a freelance writer. But you’re worried that you don’t have what it takes [Read more…]

4 Tips to Cut Down Writing Time

Cut writing time

Writing time is always a touchy subject, as there is no such thing as a set length of time wherein a writer can finish a piece of work. Whether it’s a blog post, an article for a magazine, a short story, or a novel, it does not matter. How long you write is not a one-size-fits-all matter.  Image source There are, however, some things that writers can do to cut down on writing time. This is especially important for freelance writers who get “paid per piece or per word or perhaps”, as humorist Robert Benchley said. The writing process may [Read more…]

Easy Ways to Increase Writing Productivity

writing productivity

When your income is determined by the amount of content you create, the pressure to be productive as a freelance writer can be debilitating. Don’t allow diminished output to be the white whale of your writing career. Increase your writing productivity with these six easy suggestions: Create a Flexible Schedule Freelance writers need a daily writing plan to stay on track, especially if they juggle simultaneous projects or write several articles per day. But when using a schedule, permit some flexibility. Don’t become so tied to your calendar that you deny your own creative impulses. Allow yourself to be inspired rather [Read more…]

3 Essential Tips to Stand Out as a Writer

standout as a writer

Editor’s Note: This was written by the Ebyline staff, a site that connects publishers with the right freelancers for their work. Check them out on twitter: @Ebyline and on Google+. You’re a good writer, and you know it.  If given a keyboard and Internet connection, you could craft ingenious articles in no time, but the only problem is –you’re not getting the work you need.  Sitting in front of your computer all day, twiddling your thumbs, checking Facebook, and getting lost on the ‘top 10s’ of Buzzfeed isn’t going to pay the bills!   You need to get your name out there, and [Read more…]

Writer’s Block: What it is and How to Move Past it so You can Write Again


If you have ever been plagued by writer’s block, you know how painful the blank page or screen can be. While you may be concerned that the inability…

Copywriter Tips for Strengthening Your Writing

English Teacher

I have hired dozens of freelance writers in my role as an in-house copywriter for a content conversion firm, and it never ceases to amaze me how many writers lack basic writing skills. Whether you’ve been a freelance writer for two months or ten years, there are always ways to improve your craft. Here are some specifics things writers can do to strengthen their writing: Use “is” Sparingly The most valuable lesson I took away from my upper graduate English coursework involves use of the word “is.” Here’s how it goes: if you can rework a sentence to remove use [Read more…]

Awesome But Simple Ideas For The Travel Writer

Travel Writer

Travel writing gigs are not as many as one would want them to be. I honestly do not know the reason for this, but what I do know is that there seems to be a glut of “What I did on this trip” type of travel articles and blog posts. That is quite understandable, but there is no reason for a travel writer to stay in that box. Traveling is such a wonderful experience. There are so many facets to it, which can be translated to writing. If you are looking for a little inspiration for your travel writing, take [Read more…]

“You’re Stupid.” When Cutting Edge Articles Go Bad…

I love spunky articles and blog posts. When a writer takes an unusual stance or approaches a topic with razor-sharp wit it makes me excited about a piece, often ends up in my saved/bookmarked file and is forwarded on through various social media channels. As much as I like an offbeat approach, I practically cover my eyes and cringe at some ‘devil may care’ stances that fall flat. One reason why these posts miss their mark is they lack true understanding of who is in their audience. There was a post from a PR rep that recently made internet waves. [Read more…]

Article Quickie: Bullet Points

A bullet point is a helpful little tool that helps break up content, smooth transitions and draw out important main ideas. They also help create more white space on the text or web page. When using bullet points remember to: Be consistent with content and style. Start each point with the same part of speech and maintain the same length within bullet point sets. Use main ideas. Bullet points are key to directing the reader – and their eyes – to the ideas that count. Clarify complex information. Complicated topics are best explained when broken up into bite sized pieces. [Read more…]

Parallel Structure in Writing

parallel parking

Parallel structure, or parallelism, is a basic concept that students learn in writing class.  Over the years, we may forget the term, but the idea should continue to be applied.  Whether you are writing for your personal blog or for a big client, avoiding faulty parallelism can help you get your point across more clearly. I think parallelism comes naturally to most people.  As humans who appreciate beauty and balance, we easily detect if something is off.  Take a look at this sentence: I like to play soccer and swimming. You don’t need to spend minutes going over that sentence [Read more…]

100 Most Commonly Misspelled Words


If you follow me on Twitter, then you may have already seen the great list of the 100 most commonly misspelled words that I tweeted yesterday.  YourDictionary.com put together the list and it’s filled with words that most people have trouble spelling. I scrolled through the list and found several that often cause me to pause as my fingers fly across the keyboard.  Accommodate and embarrass are two such words that always make me second guess myself. The best part about the list on YourDictionary.com is that most of the words include a helpful little clue so you can remember [Read more…]

Don’t Blow Off the New School – Social media

As much as I love old school – old school hip-hop, pen and paper interviewing, in-person interviewing, library research, etc., I have to admit, the new school is pretty darn fun too. Everyday there’s a new blog on how writers/freelancers can maximize their efforts to get work, get noticed and build a reputation through social media. AND everyday there’s another writer who is quick to say, “Bah! I don’t use all that stuff. I’ve got a website, a solid client list and I’m good.” Those poor souls are wrong. They are also likely the same people who wanted to hang [Read more…]

Don’t Forget the Old-School: Pen & Paper Interviews

Over the next couple of weeks, I’m going to talk about some oldie, but goodie elements of article writing that are still important for writers. It’s easy to dismiss some tried and true techniques because of all the fancy, technological whiz-bangs available to writers, but when technology fails – and it will from time to time – it’s good to have something to pull out of your coonskin cap. Do I sound 100 years old yet? Good. Pen and paper interviews. Important. Reliable. Still in use even after the invention of the iPhone. Why? Because technology doesn’t have your best [Read more…]

5 Ways to Breathe New Life into Old Content


Andrew Rosen published a post on Splashpress Media’s BloggingPro.com site today called “Bringing Old Content Back to Life: 5 Ways to Revive a Blog Post” that applies to freelance writers, too, so I wanted to share it with the readers here on Freelance Writing Jobs. A big part of writing is knowing when it’s time to remember that you don’t always have to reinvent the wheel to make an impact on an audience.  If you write evergreen content for a blog or other media that can get lost in the clutter over time, then there is absolutely nothing wrong with [Read more…]

Words Can Make Me Cringe

There are some words in the English language that are like nails on a chalkboard to me.  I’m particularly sensitive to business-related jargon.  Why?  Because I always think if a person is hiding behind a bunch of jargon, buzz words and corporate rhetoric, they’re undoubtedly trying to cover up their lack of real knowledge on the subject at hand.  Whether or not that’s true is up for debate, but I much prefer get-to-the-point, give-it-to-me-straight language over jargon-heavy fluff. So now that I got that off my chest, you’re probably wondering what my point is.  It’s simple.  While I’ll gladly admit [Read more…]

Waiting for Confidence to Strike

More than one person I know has said that they couldn’t work as a freelance writer because they don’t feel confident enough. I tell them that feeling confident is not a requirement; if I waited until I felt completely confident and I was wearing just the right outfit and the phase of the moon was just so, I would never reach out to any prospective clients. If you take how you personally feel about your job hunt out of the equation, you can get a lot more accomplished and be on your way to finding a gig that is a [Read more…]

Blog Posts vs. Articles: Length and Point of View

We’re going to take a break from the 5 days, 5 Ways to Enhance Your Writing Skills series and answer a freelance writing question I receive pretty regularly. “What’s the difference between a blog post and an article?” In many ways they are the same and much of the information featured here can apply to both. There are, however, important ways they differ: Length Most blog posts are short – between 200 – 300 words. They may be longer, but the majority of posts are designed to give you information quickly before you lose interest – almost like a commercial. [Read more…]

5 Tips for Giving Your Writing More Cowbell

We all have days when we feel as if we’re only going through the motions. Even during our most productive periods we can produce work that’s lacking a little..something.  Maybe the tone is off or maybe it’s not getting the point across well enough or maybe it just needs…more cowbell. Don’t be afraid to use your voice Many writers stifle their voices in favor of more antiseptic writing. What we forget is that our clients hire us because they appreciate our voice and wish to use it. It’s OK to add personality to writing that isn’t supposed to be personal. [Read more…]

Driving Rules for Getting to the Point with Your Lede (Lead)

The other night The Wizard of Oz was on and I watched Dorothy and her crew sing about following the yellow brick road. It was a simple instruction, but it dawned on me the yellow brick road was a terribly convoluted roadway, with twists and turns all over place. Who were the city engineers on that project? Sheesh! Some ledes are the same way. They are good enough to hook the reader, but take so long to get to the point readers lose interest and turn the page or hit the back button. Here are a few rules of the [Read more…]

Lede This! #2

Ok, the first Lede (Lead) This!” didn’t go so well as we had no participation. Maybe it was the stunning cuteness of my little lion or the (hopefully) super busy week all our FWJ writers had, whatever the case we are going to try again. I’m a little late getting this up, it’s been a crazy week over here as well. Remember a good Lede (Lead) is what captures your audience’s attention and gets them to read the article. Brush up on your skills and get featured here at FWJ – the number one site for freelance writers! The Rules: [Read more…]

5 Things You SHOULD Say to an Editor

Last week I named a few things you shouldn’t say to an editor “5 Things You NEVER Say to an Editor” and the post was pretty darn popular so I figured it was only practical to give a couple of tips on things editor’s love to hear from writers. 5. “I need help.” Writers like to present a tough facade. They want to show they have everything under control and worry that asking their editors for help on a piece will cost them future work. On the contrary, editors love to know a writer will come to them for help [Read more…]

Self Editing Tip #3: Check if You’re Not Sure

Great writers check and double check their resources to make sure they are not relying on hunches when it comes to editing their articles.

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